Lantiv Timetabler

Lantiv Timetabler 6.2.36

Automatic and interactive scheduling software for an elementary, middle and high school, college and university. Allows you to define the exact constraints which the timetable needs to fulfill.

You can control every single aspect in school organization:

  • General Details - school name, principal, address, etc.
  • Subjects - the themes that are taught: English, Math, Advanced Physics.
  • Students - students enrolled in your school.
  • Teachers - each teacher is responsible for teaching or supervising.
  • Rooms - the physical space where teaching takes place.
  • Equipment - the collection of accessories that are required for teaching.
  • Conflicts - shows which groups conflict with each other, based on the students who participate in them.

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Lantiv Timetabler


Lantiv Timetabler 6.2.36